Roscoea auriculata ‘India'
Supplied as a bare root rhizome (Ex 1 litre pot)

Roscoea are tuberous perennials belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, commonly known as Gingers. Roscoea have arching, linear or lance-shaped leaves and showy orchid-like flowers in summer or autumn and are considered hardy coming from the Himalaya and Tibet regions.

R. auriculata ‘India’ is a dark form of one of the larger of the genus. They are a deciduous perennial to 50cm tall with erect stems bearing lance-shaped leaves, and orchid-like dark purple flowers in late summer and early autumn
Grow in well drained soil in a semi sheltered and part shady spot. Prefers a slightly acidic soil. Hardy to -15/20C making this exotic ginger a must for all keen jungle gardeners.

Semi shade/west facing
Well drained but moist soil
RHS rating H5

Roscoea auriculata ‘India'