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Cyrtanthus mckenii
common name: 'The Fire Lily'
Supplied as 3 bare root bulbs (EX 1 litre pot)

This charming, sweetly scented bulb is long-flowering and easy to cultivate. It belongs to the genus Cyrtanthus which contains many beautiful species. Cyrtanthus mckenii vari. red flowering is rare and much prised. The flowers of Cyrtanthus mackenii are long and narrow with recurved tips, and the leaves are narrowly lance-shaped.
Although all Cyrtanthus species can be cultivated in containers, due to the rather fastidious nature of many members of the genus, only a few are suitable for general garden cultivation. However C. mackenii is certainly one of the easiest species to cultivate and ranks amongst relatively few others that can be successfully cultivated over an extended period in gardens in temperate climates.

Full Sun
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4

Plants are supplied bare root bulbs X3 (EX 1 litre pot) and are similar to the plants seen in pictures 2 and 3. Picture one shows the flowers on a planted specimen and is not the plant for sale.



Cyrtanthus mckenii

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