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Musella lasiocarpa
Common name: Golden lotus banana or Chinese yellow banana
Supplied as 6 large plug plants (as per pictures)

This high altitude dwarf Banana from the Yunnan Province was thought to be extinct until a few decades ago. It is probably the hardiest of all Musa in cultivation and can be grown in the UK with winter protection.
M. Lasiocarpa forms a clump of plants over time and can reach 1.5 meters high with a spread of nearly a meter. Leaves are paddle shaped bright glaucous green and more upright than some of the other banana species grown here in the Uk.  Once mature a long lasting flower is produced. Flowers look like a lotus flower and are bright yellow. Each stem dies back once it has flowered, but fear not, as loads of small suckers will be produced to replace the main stem.
Winter protection is needed to keep this hardy exotic in the ground over winter. We treat ours much like our M.basjoo. A cylinder of mesh is placed around the plant and packed with straw. A fleece is then wrapped around this with a plastic ‘hat’ placed on the top.
Detailed instructions are available on request. Also why not try our slow release Banana fertiliser.

Full Sun
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H2/3

Plants are supplied as 6 x plug plants , with their compost and are similar to the plants seen in the pictures. Please note that some leaf may need to be cut back in order to fit our bespoke shipping boxes. This does not effect the plants health.




Musella lasiocarpa 6 Plug Pack



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