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Hedychium spicatum ‘Singalila'
spiked ginger lily
Supplied as a bare root Rhizomes

One of the hardiest and most reliable of all Ginger lilies. The exotic foliage has red tinted undersides, on tall stems that rise to approx. 1.2m. on mature plants. The pseudo stem is topped by large heads of lightly fragrant white flowers with orange to red markings at the base of the petals and stamen in late summer. This Ginger lily is a must for any gardener looking for the tropical look. Plants are deciduous and the pseudo stem will die back in winter. A layer of bark chip should be applied to protect the rhizomes from hard frosts.

Full Sun/ part shade
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4

Plants are supplied as a bare root Rhizomes, wrapped in damp coir.  The rhizomes on offer are similar to the plants seen in pictures 2 and 3 and will have roots and a growing point. Picture 1 shows the flowers on a planted specimen and is not the plant for sale.



Hedychium spicatum ‘Singalila'