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Araucaria araucana
Common name: Monkey puzzle.
Supplied in a 0.9 ltr tree pot

A. araucana is a stately evergreen tree from the Southern Hemisphere with branches clothed in sharply pointed, triangular dark green leaves arranged in a spiral formation. Mature plants may bear cones on the upper branches, male and female usually on separate trees. Monkey puzzle trees grow to 8 meters or more, reaching their maximum height in 20 to 50 years.
Grow in full sun to partial shade on an open site but shelter, when young, from cold winds in winter. In summer avoid letting the soil dry out as Monkey Puzzle trees dislike hot dry spells particularly when small. Best positioned on a South facing site, with deep, well drained, moderately fertile soil. PH is best kept neutral to slightly acidic and should be of a sandy loam