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Protea Slow Release Fertiliser ℮300grams
Supplied in a resealable container.
5 to 6 Month release.

Protea and their relatives do not tolerate any level of phosphates in either their soil or fertilisers.
All commercially available garden fertilisers contain phosphates as do all branded composts. So we have produced our range of phosphate free fertilisers and composts for plants like Protea, Leucadendron, Banksia and Restios.
Our Slow release Protea fertiliser has a special phosphate free formula with added Magnesium and Iron. This formula produces great results when added to the compost mix when potting up or planting out. The application rate of 3.5 grams to 1 litres of compost (1 pack is sufficient for 85 litres of compost) You can combine this slow release fertiliser with our Blue Nurseries Ltd soluble Protea fertiliser for fantastic results. Our Blue Nurseries Protea compost is also available.

N.P.K: 15-0-5.5 + trace elements

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Nitrogen (N) …………15%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) ........0% (P: 0%)
Potassium Oxide (K2O) ............5.5% (K:4.56%)
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)………….2% (Mg: 1.2)
Trace Elements inc 0.1%Fe and 0.1%Mn EDTA
80%Nutrilong V180
5-6 Months Slow Release 1-2 mm Grade

Please follow all health and safety instructions on the container. Material safety data sheet available to download.



Protea slow release fertiliser



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