Originating from Chile and has a reputation for being hardy to -12℃ and below, however it needs to be dry to survive freezing temperatures with ease. In habit, it forms a small shrub with many branches and can reach 7 meters over time. It is armed with fierce spines that can get very long. Flowers are nocturnal an are large, scented and white.Cultivation is easy and not like other cacti. They like water and liquid feed (We use our soluble Succulent and cactus feed) , throughout the growing season, but let the growing medium dry out between watering. Potting mix should be loose but not as nutrient poor as most cacti mix. We use John Innes number 2 mixed with grit, sand and coir. Growth can be fast and once established can produce up to 20 cm a year. Overwinter in a greenhouse or even under the eves of a house. Keep dry and withhold water and feed from September to April.

Full Sun
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4

Trichocereus chilensis (Echinopsis chiloensis)