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Agave ovatifolia
’The whales Tongue Agave’

Supplied in a 11cm pot

Agave ovatifolia is a true beauty, stunning powdery blue leaves form a tight rosette, growing to 1 meter high and 1.2 to 2 meters across. The leaves are cup shaped with strong terminal spikes on the ends and small teeth run down the side edges of each leaf. (Giving rise to the common name ‘The Whales Tongue Agave’) .
Like most Agave, A. ovatifolia flowers with an impressive tall (3-4.5 meter) branched flower spike, with large greenish yellow upright flowers. Agave ovatifolia is relatively new to cultivation, only being first described and named in 2002. This is probably because of the remoteness of the wild plant populations that are exclusively found in the Sierra Lampazos of central Nuevo león in northern Mexico. In cultivation Agave ovatifolia has been found to be one of the best agave for cold and wet tolerance and should become very popular in Europe, including the UK, for these reasons.
Must be protected from wet during the winter. Instructions for winter protection is available under our Cultivation guides section.

Full Sun
Very well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4 (Must be dry)

Plants are supplied in a 11cm pot, with their compost and are similar to the plants seen in pictures 3 and 4. Picture 1 and 2 shows our planted specimen in the nursery garden and is not the plant for sale.


A: Agave ovatifolia
B: 121396
C: N/A

Blue Nurseries Ltd is authorised to issue UK plant passports by DEFRA.


Agave ovatifolia