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Begonia grandis 'Sapporo'
Supplied in a 7cm pot

This Japanese Begonia has proved very hardy for us over a 20 year period. ‘Sapporo’ is a particularly lovely form of the species, with dark green leaves with very red undersides. When caught in evening light the red veins glow bright red. Flowers are delicate pink with yellow anther and are produced in abundance from late July to first frosts. Grow in shade in organic rich soil, mulch in winter with dry bark chip. Can be grown well in pots using a organic rich compost with added fine potting bark mixed in. Beware of vine weevil ! We use a biological control to keep the little critters at bay (Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer).
Ultimate height is around 90cm with a spread of 40cm

Full/part shade
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4

Plants are supplied in a 7cm pot, with their compost and are similar to the plants seen in pictures 4 and 5. Picture one shows the flowers on a planted specimen and is not the plant for sale.


A: Plant name here
B: 121396
C: 20112301

Blue Nurseries Ltd is authorised to issue UK plant passports by DEFRA.


Begonia grandis 'Sapporo'