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Supplied in a 9cm pot

Musa basjoo is simply the best hardy exotic available. Huge banana leaves on a pseudo stem up to 3/4 plus meters tall. In protected micro climates this hardy banana will produce fruits… however they are for show only as they are completely inedible. We have grown this hardy exotic for over 30 years and have found it to be very durable. It will be cut back to the ground by hard frosts but will regrow in spring from it’s rhizome below ground.
Exotic gardeners in the know, protect the pseudo stem with wire cylinders packed with straw or layers of fleece and topped with a water proof cover.

The plants on offer are in 9cm pots and are ready for potting on or planting out. Please note that foliage maybe cut back when nesseccery to fit our bespoke shipping boxes. This does not effect the plant's health  in any way.

On arrival protect from frost as needed. In cold areas wait until the last frost before planting out.

Plant cultivation guides are available.


Musa basjoo



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