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Palm Fertiliser
5-6 month release
℮500 grams supplied in a resealable tub
Specialist slow release Palm fertiliser.
All Palms benefit greatly for a high quality, targeted fertiliser. Our specialist fertiliser has been formulated specifically for Palms in cold climates and will produce great results in both the long and short term.
Our granular slow release fertiliser provides up to six months of nutrients. Apply in Spring and again in early Autumn. Sprinkle around the root zone and gently fork in to a depth of a couple of centimetres at a rate of 50 grams per square meter. Avoid contact with the base of the trunk. Also suitable for pot grown Palms at a rate of 5 grams per litre of soil.
N-P-K : 15-5-15  with added trace elements.
Our Palm fertiliser is a controlled release granular fertiliser with a high precision coating for consistent and reliable nitrogen release. The release of nutrient is largely dependent on temperature, which ensures that nutrition is available when the palm needs it most.
Wash hands and exposed skin before eating. Wear suitable gloves and face protection
when handling this material. Essentially non-hazardous and non-toxic but take sensible
precautions. Avoid eye contact. Prolonged contact with skin may cause dryness. Could be
harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. Remove contaminated clothing
immediately Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use in accordance with directions.

Palm fertiliser (slow release fertiliser)