Aloe polyphylla

The Spiral Aloe

Supplied in a 7cm pot.


Aloe polyphylla known as ‘The Spiral Aloe’, comes from the high mountain slopes of Lesotho in South Africa.  This Aloe requires a temperate climate and needs higher levels of rainfall than most Aloes. The spiral arrangement of the leaves is unique and starts to develop on 3 to 4 year old plants. Rare in cultivation and hardy to RHS Hardiness rating H3 (we think H4)


Our seeds are collected from our own plants when we get them. We are pleased to say that we have a number of seedlings available this year. They are in 7cm pots and will need potting up and growing on under glass for a couple years before they can be planted out.


Plants are supplied in 7cm pots and are similar to the plants shown in the small 7cm pots. Any questions please feel free to ask.



Aloe polyphylla