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Amarine tubergenii Zwanenburg
Supplied as a bulb growing in a 1 litre pot.

This fabulous cross was made many years ago, by the Dutch firm of van Tubergen and named after their nursery at Zwanenburg House.
The blooms are trumpet-shaped and borne early in the autumn and there is a light fragrance to the flowers. The blooms appear on bare stems, (60-75cm tall) before the leaves, just like the parents Amaryllis belladonna and Nerine. Like it’s parents Amarine tubergenii Zwanenburg is considered hardy in the UK, however they do need to be planted in a south facing sheltered position and given plenty of drainage below the bulb. We have planted these stunning bulbs at the foot a a south facing wall, the neck of the bulbs just above ground. An unusual addition to any exotic garden.

Full Sun
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4


Amarine tubergenii Zwanenburg

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