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Chamaerops humilis Cerifera
‘The Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm’
Supplied in a 2 litre pot

This stunning hardy palm hails from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa and has become naturalised on the southern European mainland. The beautiful powdery blue leaves are best as they emerge becoming a darker olive green with age. This palm is a perfect partner to Olives and other ‘Hot’ Mediterranean style plants. Plant out in free draining soil, in full sun and feed (With our soluble palm fertiliser) and water throughout the growing period. Flowers emerge from the crown and are held on a short stem and are quite hidden by the leaves. The small yellow flowers are followed by large clusters of 13mm orange/yellow fruits. All Chamaerops are dioecious, meaning that seed is only produced when Male and female palms flower at the same time in close proximity.


These palms have been grown from seed on our nursery and are not hot grown European imports and as a result are better acclimatised for UK gardens.

Full Sun
Well drained soil
RHS hardiness rating H4

Both our granular slow release palm fertiliser and soluble palm fertiliser  are ideal for use when planting and on going cultivation of this palm.

Plants are supplied in a 2 litre tall pot, with their compost and are similar to the plants seen in pictures 3 and 4. Pictures 1 to 2 shows planted specimens as an example of what to expect in time.


Chamaerops humilis Cerifera.